Online User Stats

The current local time for Asia/Seoul is 2018/10/17 14:20 .

12,501 users are online.
The Land of the Calm Dawn has mastered the art of war, and emerged as home to the most renowned StarCraft players on Earth. Do not arrive idle to this melee.
1,608 users are online.
The newest Gateway to StarCraft. Created to support communication in Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. This server has yet to make a name for itself. Will you be one to join in battle to help write its story?
U.S. West
906 users are online.
Welcome to the Wild West. The population of this server may not be massive, but the stakes are high and the competition is deadly.
33 users are online.
The European server is second only to Korea in fostering professional players. Diversity in culture has led to innovative gameplay, and friendships that span the continent.
U.S. East
88 users are online.
Based in the City of Broad Shoulders, this server plays host to players from across the Americas. With a larger population, comes more styles and strategy in gameplay.